Blerd: Evenin’!

Gonzo: Heya!

B: It’s been a loooong time.

G: A long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, time!

Might be a bit rusty, but I’m ready to break our 7 week absence.

B: 7 weeks?????? Are you serious?

G: I shit you not, and that’s 7 weeks since the last post was published. (ed. note: it’s very likely that the conversation took place weeks before it wound up being published.)

Well, I believe our last go ’round was your choice. And I’ve been putting hours of deep thought and contemplation into what my next pick might be.

B: By hours of deep thought, you mean…

G: 15 minutes of aimless pondering.

But because I’m such a nice guy, and still coming off of an election high, I’ll even give you a bit of a choice.

B: OH SNAP, I get to vote again!

G: So, what will it be: rhythm & blues, or just plain ol’ blues?

B: You know i love some r in my b!

G: Well alright. put on your dancin’ shoes.

B: Do i have to put on pants too?

G: Nahhhh.

B: Sweet! i’m there!

B: Funk Brothers tearing shit up!

G: Fuck yeah they are! Also worth noting, this was the first recorded appearance of The Andantes, Motown’s female backup singers.

B: This isn’t a Marvin song I’m familiar with at all.

G: Well, it peaked at 27. Respectable, but in light of the massive hits Marvin had, it was easily lost in the shuffle.

B: I wonder if this is on any of the best-ofs i have…not if my itunes is any indication.

G: I think it’s on the two disc anthology set. Also the Super Hits comp, which has one of my favorite covers of all time.

I lied, it’s not on Super Hits.

Anyhow, let’s get British. And white.

G: Man, we went straight from industrial Detroit to a garage in London.

B: I kinda dig this. I take it the dude on the right is a young Roderick Stewart?

G: No Rod yet, I believe. Nor Ronnie.

B: I have an image of random white people dressed foppishly and shaking their hair.

G: Wait, are we connected on Skype right now? Because you kind of just described what’s happening in the apartment right now.

B: You don’t have shake-able hair. We’d need to get you a Beatle haircut wig.

G: oh, there was a time that I had something vaguely reminiscent of a Beatle cut. Probably not my best look.

B: Is there photographic evidence?

G: High school. The ’90s were strange times.

B: BTW, that Faces version totally reminds me of

G: Oh snap, I can see where you’d make that connection. At any rate, let’s stay on the other side of the pond for a second here.

B: Wow-they stretched this into 5 minutes?

G: Yeah – and this is an edited cut!

B: How long is it unedited?

G: Only another minute or so, from what I gather. I don’t have the Deluxe Edition of Who’s Next, but that’s where it can be found.

B: Drumming is sick!

G: Fucking Keith Moon.

B: Keith Moon=Animal from the Muppets

G: Yes! Also, Dr. John=Dr. Teeth. I read it somewhere, so it must be true!

Janice is the only member of the band apart from Animal to have appeared on the animated series “Muppet Babies.” In her single appearance she was portrayed as slightly older than the main characters, and able to read. She was voiced by Dave Coulier, who regularly voiced baby versions of Animal, Bunsen and Bean Bunny.

B: Really? Wait…DAVE COULIER??

G: I feel like we should have known about this much earlier. I loved “Out of Control” to bits. I’d love to see that show now.

B: Yeah, that was an elementary school favorite (ed. note: especially in Michigan, where Dave Coulier was a superstar even before “Full House.”)

Anyway, I’m not the biggest Who fan, but this is killer.

G: Yeah it is. I just watched the Classic Albums doc for Who’s Next, so this all up in my alley right now.

And because that was a pretty intense rendition, let’s get back Stateside and take it down a few notches.

B: Whats this from?

G: The Last Waltz

B: Hmmm. A little too laid back for my tastes.

G: Well, that ends our trans-Atlantic journey courtesy a Holland-Dozier-Holland tune.

That was a good journey! But it was not a good Journey. There’s no such thing as good Journey in my book.

B: Boy you crazy. Steve Perry is one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time! (in Kanye voice)

G: Well, sir, where do these various takes on “Baby Don’t You Do It” fall in your estimation?

B: That Who version blew me the fuck away. The only one I couldn’t get with was The Band’s version.

If i were a ranking man: I’d go Who–Gaye–Faces–Band.

G: Well, I admit that the Who version was the first that I’d ever heard, back in high school (theme of the night?)

The Small Faces and Band cuts were both new to me tonight, I believe.

B: All four were new to me!

G: I really dug that garage-y spin that the Small Faces put on it. This is more difficult than I anticipated.

B: The Who version is just fun man. They had me at the drum solo.

G: Well, we’ve had some divergence in recent convos, but I think we’re back to being on the same page.

B: Look at that!

G: And how!

B: Does more of the Who stuff sound like that?

G: Not from that era. But I bet you’d dig their early mod stuff. My Generation, A Quick One, and Sell Out are all fantastic. I actually gravitate more towards that part of their career these days

The ’70s stuff is generally good, but real overplayed.

B: I’ll look into some of their stuff…seems like they might be worth a deeper dig.

G: I tend to think so.

The power of the amazon marketplace!

I think that wraps up yet another cover convo. Peace!

B: Peace!

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