I need to preface this post by sharing that I am obsessed with this band and song at the moment. My wife seems to think it’s like Peter Gabriel fronting Bloc Party whereas I’m more of the mind that it’s the perfect amalgamation of BP and The English Beat. The band is The Cast Of Cheers and their latest song is “Trucks At Night”. It’s infectious. It’s danceable. It’s divine. If the previous single, “Human Elevator”, didn’t hook you then “Trucks At Night” will surely subdue you.


The video is part The Beatles/U2 performance on a roof footage interspersed with truck stop narrative. The video is great as it is but it’s the song that really does the talking here. It’s fun, it bounces, it soars…it’s quite possibly the best single of 2012. Yes, I’m biased. I was recently in London and missed The Cast Of Cheers live. Do I regret it? Yep. Make me feel better about myself by checking out the video below and then buying their album here.



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