It’s rare that albums still come out that make the listener step back and say “Wow!” but that’s exactly the response Blood Command um, command, on their latest Funeral Beach. “Pissed Off And Slightly Offended!” is the perfect start to Funeral Beach. Angry, in your face and very anthemic, it’s a refresher for longtime fans and an awakening for new ones.

With three EP’s and one full-length already under their collective belts, Blood Command are by no means novices but with Funeral Beach they sound like seasoned veterans already. If the Refused-inspired carnage of “Cult Of The New Beat” wasn’t enough of an indicator then perhaps the melodic barrage of sounds found within “Death To All But Us!” will convince listeners. If anything, this is a song that proves why vocalist Silje Tombre should be on any upcoming “must-watch frontperson” list. On “Wolves At The Door” especially, Tombre croons and screams with reckless aplomb.

“High Five For Life” is an easy indulgent pleasure for fans of VersaEmerge or Paramore hoping for something heavier (And more real!). The song also shows off Sigurd Haakaas’ fantastic drum chops. The other major piece of the Blood Command puzzle is guitar/bass/keyboard god Yngve Andersen who shines all over Funeral Beach. Whether it’s his rousing guitar lines lighting up “Here Next to Murderous” or the Quicksand-ish tones and acoustic passages in “True North”, Andersen masters it all.

Funeral Beach is out on November 13th through Fyisk Format. Get your copy here.

Grade: A

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