There are times when an album or an artist comes across my desk and I’m completed flabbergasted by the sounds emanating from my computer. “How the HELL did I not know about this band already?” is what I typically think to myself over and over. That was exactly the scenario I found myself in about a week ago when The Cast Of Cheers latest video for “Human Elevator” arrived to my inbox. Remember in the early 2000’s when there was this resurgence of British rock in the form of Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, and Maximo Park? That’s what this single felt like. On their debut full length, Family, The Cast Of Cheers only further prove that they have the staying power to bring about the next resurgence but of the Irish persuasion.

Mixing some of the above mentioned bands with some classic sounds (The English Beat especially comes to mind), The Cast Of Cheers have discovered this unique niche that is sorely lacking in today’s music. Namely originality. That’s evident from the opening drum/guitar barrage that “Family” brings and even more so on “Pose Mit” which if you had to compare would be like Dave Wakeling fronting Silent Alarm-era Bloc Party. “Human Elevator” has this infectious bounce that just pulls you in while “Animals” screams to be heard by the masses with some slick production and a great sing-a-long quality overall.

Elsewhere on Family songs like “Marso Sava” resemble Animal Collective mixed with BLACK TAXI with an almost samba-like groove amidst some tribal banging which leads splendidly into “Trucks At Night” which is a straight up banger complete with shimmering guitars that bring an airy quality to the very fast proceedings. “They Call It A Race” ends things expertly and keeps the pace going and the songs strong.

Is The Cast Of Cheers the next big thing? After hearing Family, I sure hope so. Family is out now on School Boy Error/Cooperative Music. Get yours here.

Grade: A+

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