Jack White’s solo debut Blunderbuss has already yielded three videos: “Love Interruption,” “Sixteen Saltines,” and “Freedom at 21.” For the fourth single and video, White dusted off a Little Willie John tune (penned by Rudy Toombs), “I’m Shakin'” (later a set staple for roots revivalists The Blasters in 1981).

White’s version is true to the original, although he lays the soul on a bit thicker with sharp backing vocals to augment the arrangement. The video itself is a fairly straightforward face off between Jack White and his band against Jack White and his band. All of this while somewhere in a distant corner, a young man is poppin’ and lockin’ with abandon.

The track is a great r&b rave up, and a standout moment from Blunderbuss. Enjoy!

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