The Cast Of Cheers want to be your “Human Elevator”. I’m not sure what that means exactly but I do know that on the strength of this song alone, I’d be willing to board at any floor. On second thought, after watching the below video, there might be a few floors to avoid (I’ll still come visit you, Kabuki Borat of Floor 10!).

Anyway, The Cast Of Cheers is their name and “Human Elevator” is their latest single. A mix of Gang Of Four, The English Beat, and Bloc Party yet having an identity all their own, The Cast Of Cheers pull out all the stops on “Human Elevator”. Shimmering guitar lines that are so intricate, it’ll take multiple listens to appreciate. Drum and bass lines that are so subtle yet hypnotic and a voice on top that seems so much like something you’ve heard before but not. Make sense? No? Just watch the video already and be schooled.

If you like that, there’s more on their recently released full-length, Family, available here and here.



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