OK. Put your game face on. Make sure your boots are laced up tight. Take a look around the squared circle. It’s about to be a tough one. Walk to the center of the ring and touch gloves. Go back to your corner and wait. Ready. Go for the knock out!

I hear echoes of that bell. It’s when I decided to fight for my life. The problem was no one could understand that feeling but me. I’m surrounded by pessimists. No one thinks that my dreams are are livable. Some just think that to have visioned a better place is all that there ever will be. Not me. If I can see it, then I can do it; so I’ve heard. I’d like to pursue that belief.

“All my life I had to fight.” People always use that line from “The Color Purple”. It’s true though. When you’re amongst lackluster stars and need to be that radiant shooting star, you have to fight for it. There’s just no other way around it. And, to come from nothing to something says a whole lot. It says you know who you are and believe in your own potential.

Sometimes we’re put in situations where we feel the world is against us. Remember, God will never give you anything you cannot handle. Challenges are just a part of life. When you are not looking you are going to take a blow to the head, a blow to the chest, a cheap shot to the groin area; anything to knock you on your ass. When you fall, stay down for a few seconds. Don’t stay down for too long or you’ll be counted out but just think about how you got there. Soon enough you’ll realize that the opponent your are up against is just a body of excuses for you not to win. All of the hatred in the world should not cause you to lose. You’re naturally named the underdog by your audience. They don’t see anything special about you so they place all bets against you. They take pictures of you when you are down to distribute to others and remind you of the low points in life. Something has to come over you to get up.Get up! Get up now! Size up the opposition. Look it in the eyes with no fear. Don’t come out swinging all willy-nilly. Find the opening and land the punch.

The point is, if you have it in you to fight, you can win. Fight sickness, fight poverty, fight envy, fight brutality..whatever it may be just fight and come to win.

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