It stands to reason that many of the folks on the Popblerd staff are musicians. After all, if you love writing about music, chances are you like listening to music, and if you listen to music, then there’s a strong likelihood that you play it, too.

Our friend and compatriot May (under his real name-we’ll let you figure it out) plays drums in New York’s County Darlings, and the four piece has just released a brand new four-track EP entitled Whiskey In A Teacup (already one of my favorite titles because I’ll drink whiskey in just about anything.) A year in the making, this EP can be purchased on Gumroad or the tracks can be purchased on iTunes individually. The name of the band might have you thinking “country,” but there ain’t much twang to be found here. Elements of ’90s alternative rock with a bit of Scissor Sisters sensibility seem to be happening here. Speaking of ’90s alternative rock, Whiskey In A Teacup was engineered by Jason Corsaro, whose credits include classic tracks by INXS, Duran Duran, Corrosion of Conformity and Soundgarden, just to name a few.

And how’s this for hot bio action?

20 years ago at the abandoned the Pripyat Amusement park outside of Chernobyl, four infant lads were found shivering and hungry under the old rusty clown train by a group of traveling musicians. They were taken in and taught how to soothe the soul through traditional rock and roll instrumentation…and then disappeared.

18 years later, they re-emerged in Brooklyn, NY as ‘County Darlings’ to share their experiences via power indie-pop performance.
This was only the beginning…..

Sample before you buy! Stream the album here…

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