What do the guys in Ben Folds Five sound like after more than a decade off?

Pretty much like the guys in Ben Folds Five sounded before they took more than a decade off.

Ben, Robert and Darren preview their new album, The Sound of The Life of The Mind, with a kick-ass new track called “Erase Me.” Lyrically, it’s nothing new from the guys. You could even call it a 2012 version of “Song For The Dumped.” Ben’s pounding the ivories, there’s some fuzzed out guitar action happening, and of course, at least one “F” bomb is dropped. So far, so BF5.

OK, so they’re not inventing the wheel. But if they can come up with something even half as good as their previous work together (without falling into the stagnant area that’s marked Ben’s last handful of projects,) then I’m on board.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the song on Spin Magazine’s website.

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