The last handful of Black Keys videos have been ridiculously conceptual, and also have served to break the Ohio duo to a significantly larger audience. Arguably, Patrick and Dan are the hottest rock group out right now. Last year’s El Camino is nearing platinum status (no small feat for any album, much less a rock album with no support from Top 40 radio.)

The third video from the album, “Little Black Submarines,” puts the Keys in the same situation by which they set themselves up to hit the “A” list-playing in front of an intimate audience. While I’m sure the guys acquit themselves nicely in arenas, I’d have to imagine that a Black Keys club gig is transcendent. It certainly appears this way from the video–although the recorded version of “Little Black Submarines” is the audio you get here, there’s still a raw, sweaty (literally and figuratively) vibe emitted here. Good stuff, and these guys just moved up another few notches on my “must see” list.

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