I’ve been trying to decide what to write about this week. Sometimes the columns just jump out at me and other times, well it requires a little work. Jack started second grade this week and for a little while that seemed like it was going to be the topic of choice but it didn’t stick which made me think it probably wasn’t a great topic. Then of course I thought about the fact that I’m going to be forty in a little under three weeks. Of course if I write about that now then what the hell am I going to write about in three weeks when I actually turn 40? No, none of that would work. And then it hit me.

Entwined with turning 40 I’ve been trying to figure out how to mark the occasion on two separate fronts. I’ve been turning the ideas over in my head and having not found an answer I was happy with so I’ve decided to turn to you my faithful readers and hopefully you’ll present me with some ideas that I can work with.

So, the first front is the symbolic passing of 40. Originally my idea was to run a 5K as part of Pittsburgh’s Great Race. I’ve been eating better, riding my bike and I really thought I could do it as an added attraction it’s right around my birthday. Problem is when I went to sign up it was already closed to new registrations. I was shocked to see that a race such as this actually closed its registration and I was a little perplexed as to who the hell is taking so many of these slots that couldn’t possibly fit me in to the race. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for most of my life and trust me, this city isn’t filled with runners! I thought that maybe I’d get another tattoo but what should I get. Maybe I should go bigger though—should I jump out of a plane, get shot from a cannon, learn to scuba dive, conquer some deep dark fear? Seriously, what would you do? What do you think I should do? Oh, if you were wondering I’m thinking of the Greatest American Hero’s symbol as a tattoo. I toyed with the idea of getting it in the center of my chest but Kim vetoed that pretty quick. She favors a forearm tattoo but I’m not so sure. Am I getting too old for that sort of thing?

Once we get past the whole symbolic marking of the occasion then it’s time to consider the second front—how to celebrate the actual event and all that is wonderful about me? I’ve thought about having a party and inviting people from high school, college, past and present band mates, former and present places of employment, etc. With only a few weeks left though that seems less likely to happen. I’d want it to be big, like maybe rent out the Hard Rock or something that really spoke to who I am. So, given that that isn’t going to happen how then should I mark the occasion? I could probably do an open-ended sort of thing where I just throw the details of a get together out on Facebook and whoever shows up shows up; maybe I should forgo celebrating with outside people at all and just go on a trip with my family; there’s always just staying home, pulling down the blinds and refusing to admit that time has passed at all and denying being 40. If you’re reading this you know me, what should I do, what would you like to be involved with (understand I’m not necessarily taking your advice just soliciting opinions).

Yeah, I know, a self-serving column but hey, why shouldn’t they be occasionally right? Let me know your thoughts and if there’s enough time and Kim’s motivated enough maybe we’ll actually pull off your suggestion. Just remember, the only guideline is that it should be centered on the celebration of all things Dave, we want to really focus on what’s awesome about me, how I’ve created and spread awesomeness around the world and what the next 40 or so years may bring, which I’ll make God help me, even if I’m just one last remaining brain cell and everything else is hooked up to some machine.

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