The internet is abuzz with rumors that rapper/singer Nicki Minaj will be headed to the judges’ chair on the popular singing competition “American Idol.” It’s unclear if contracts have been signed, and no official announcement has been made. This comes just a few weeks after Mariah Carey was appointed as an “Idol” judge, so the potential pairing of Nicki and Mariah with Randy (maybe?) got some tongues wagging at Popblerd HQ.

Michael Parr: So what the brass at American Idol is saying is that they are sick of Male Singer/Songwriter-types winning the show, eh?

Big Money: Makes sense. I mean, from strictly a business standpoint, who have the most successful Idols been? Clarkson, Underwood, Hudson, Fantasia…and Daughtry.

4 of those 5 aren’t guys.

GG: I’m fine with Mariah. She’s a legend. Here today gone tomorrow Nicki? Pass. Diddy would’ve been good. He would’ve just had everyone walk to get him cheesecake.

Stephen: Nah, man. Diddy is into Cambodian breast milk now. But yeah, after a storied list of music veterans, picking a new talent with two albums know for her bipolar stage persona seems a bit… baffling. Maybe this is just some brilliant market synergy.

Dennis: Between Minaj news and the news that Roger Clemens is getting back on a mound, I’m going to be busy storing up canned goods and bottled water ahead of the coming apocalypse.

Big Money: Seriously, though: the addition of Mariah and Nicki makes the show more humorous. I don’t know if it makes the show more watchable.

Drew: Can we just rename the show Cleavage Wars and get it over with?

Seriously, and this comes from a guy who has zero hate for Nicki, I don’t understand how she is qualified to do this. Are any aspiring singers out there thinking, “man, if only I could harness the vocal acrobatics and raw ability of a Nicki Minaj, I’d have this in the bag”? She’s a rapper who happens to sing sometimes. She’s basically Nelly.

Big Money: Well, Nicki Minaj is as much of a vocal powerhouse as Paula Abdul or Jennifer Lopez is!

Drew: True story. Perhaps more so, even.

GG: Here’s another question with Minaj – do they (Idol) allow rhyme spitters now? X-Factor allowed a kid to join the competition as a rapper and he was quite fun to watch.

Big Money: Yeah, a few people have wondered that. Does that take away Middle America as far as viewing audience goes? (note: TMZ mentioned this morning that the signing of Minaj was not a fait accompli…Idol producers are worried that having three black judges would take away a sizable portion of their audience.)

Drew: I kind of feel like if it’s a strictly vocal competition, it makes sense to exclude rappers, but if the idea is to put together a superstar package, it should be a no-brainer to allow them to compete. I mean, The Voice had a rapper last season, and it’s called The damn Voice.

Parr: I can’t lie, my wife and I have watched every season of that damn show. Every year we say the same things: “I don’t know why we watch this shit,” and the ever popular “we definitely won’t watch it next year.” When they announced J.Lo and Steven Tyler, we again said “we’re done.” Yet they proved to be more entertaining (at least initially) than we’d thought.

This, however, may be it. I love each of them separately, but together that is way too much crazy sitting at one table. That is a shit storm waiting to happen, the producers know this, and know everyone will watch to see who out-crazys who.

Do you think Nicki Minaj would make a good “American Idol” judge? Hit up our comment section.

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