A video inspired by The Lost Boys by a band who sound as if The Misfits, AFI (Whose own Hunter Borgan makes a cameo in the video and on the track), and Reverend Horton Heat birthed a super band? Sign me up! We are of course speaking of Stellar Corpses’ single for “Vampire Kiss” and accompanying video which pays homage to the Joel Schumacher classic so much so that at any moment, you’ll expect a visit from The Frog Brothers.

An ode to Stellar Corpses hometown of Santa Cruz (Which was where The Lost Boys was filmed), “Vampire Kiss” is a great gateway to the macabre horror punk rockabilly stylings found within their debut Dead Stars Drive-In (Available now on…wait for it… Santa Carla Records! Get it?).


Check out the video below and find out more about Stellar Corpses here.


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