It’s been eleven years since Aaliyah passed away. Why are we hearing new music from her now?

Well, because current “it” rapper/singer Drake (last seen proclaiming himself the first successful singer/rapper, as if The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill never existed) has what our webmistress C proclaims to be a “single black female obsession” with the late singer. I don’t know much about said obsession-other than Drake sampling Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” on a song from his debut full-length Thank Me Later (forgive me for being too lazy to look up which track.)

At any rate, I don’t know whether “Enough Said” is a one-off track or if it’s part of a bigger project dedicated to the memory of Aaliyah. Production-wise, it’s interesting to note that the spare production style actually fits Aaliyah’s voice to a tee. Had she lived, I could see her doing something fairly edgy and pulling it off well…an Aaliyah/XX (who covered her “Hot Like Fire”) collabo would’ve been pretty dope. I could do without Drake’s rap in the middle (is it me, or does he seem to be trying too hard for street cred?) but otherwise, the song is perfectly fine, although not a knockout on par with “Try Again” or “Rock The Boat.”

It’s certainly not the desecration of her memory that people on the internet are saying, but it also sounds pretty unnecessary, other than proving that Aaliyah would probably still be a relevant artist had she lived. What do you think?

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