I’ve been going through a lot of 1990s R&B for a little Popblerd project that we’re doing and noticed that well, I bought a lot of 90s R&B music. It was the time-frame when I was both in high school and then college and was purchasing the most music ever. I’m not exactly sure how I was buying so much music seeing that I wasn’t making any real money during those years. But every Tuesday, I was at Tower Records or whatever music store was nearby (remember Blockbuster Music?) and buying all the new singles or full CDs.

In researching my music, I came across the first single from his R. Kelly’s third album, which was self-titled. And it’s ridiculous. But R. Kelly was on top of the world. He’d become R&B sexual king with “12 Play”. And we were waiting to see where he’d go on his next album.

For that first single, he wrote a song which compared his girl to a bunch of inanimate objects including the following:

– his jeep
– his sound (not sure if he meant his actual music or the sound coming from said jeep)
– his cars (different from his jeep I guess)
– his bank account (yep, his girl is just like his money)

Yes, lyrically, the song is ridiculous. But it didn’t stop it from going to the top of the R&B charts.

(By the way, R is on a bit of a comeback himself, at least artistically. Check out Big Money’s review of his newest release Write Me Back.)

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