Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Dead Can Dance have returned once again to grace our earthly plane with their otherworldly brand of music. Sixteen years have passed since Spiritchaser was released and it’s as if Dead Can Dance haven’t missed a beat both figuratively and literally. Take opener “Children Of The Sun” as the prime example of the beat going on. While the opening is reminiscent of Brendan Perry’s Ark, there is no doubt that at the heart, this is Dead Can Dance. If you need further proof, skip to “Anabasis” and the first vocal appearance of Lisa Gerrard on a new Dead Can Dance track in the 21st Century. “Amnesia” was a great primer for Anastasis but that angelic voice of Gerrard was sorely lacking which is obviously not the case here. If you can translate what she’s saying, it only adds to the moment. Her inflection and tone, however, are the driving force of the emotions DCD brings forth.

“Kiko” is the pinnacle of the renewed partnership as the tribal beats plod along and Gerrard’s voice floats above. The Middle Eastern mysticism the song evokes is spellbinding and it drags listeners deeper “toward the within” as it grooves along for eight minutes. “Opium” is the shortest one here and showcases Perry’s uncanny pipes while Gerrard takes center stage once again on the penultimate “Return Of The She-King” which gives the feel of being in the Highlands of Scotland.

Anastasis makes it easy to declare that Dead Can Dance’s reunion is by far the best comeback of 2012. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait another sixteen years for their next record.

Anastasis is out on August 14th. Choose from a number of exhilarating pre-order packages here.

Grade: A+

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