Thinking of trekking out to this year’s already started Vans Warped Tour? If you were ever wondering which bands are the ones you need to see amongst the vast 20+ line up then here’s Popblerd’s two cents. We are not, by any means, saying there aren’t a ton more bands you should check out on the bill. What we are saying is that if you were looking for a purpose while getting hot and sweaty, then these are the bands worth getting hot and sweaty over:


Every Time I Die:

This is the only band on Warped this year that you absolutely need to check out. Put aside the band members individual larger than life personalities and focus on the music, most importantly their latest slab of brilliance Ex-Lives. Live, they are a force to be reckoned with and sonically will peel the paint off your walls. One of the only bands on the bill that can seamlessly mesh with the hardcore kids, the metal kids, the punk kids, and the emo kids at the same time. Quite simply, they are brilliant.




I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t seen these guys since before their first major label album came out in 2000 but from what I remember, they are incomparable live. It’s been a few years since they’ve been to these shores and with a new album (Weapons) just released stateside, they have something to prove. Don’t miss out.



The Constellations:

Easily one of the most unique sounding bands on Warped this year, The Constellations bring a different sound and a righteous vision to outdoor stages this year. Sublime meets G. Love and politically charged, The Constellations will be promoting their latest, Do It For Free on 429 Records,and insuring that their music is the soundtrack for your ride home. Preview The Constellations here.



Rise To Remain:

If you like your emo heavy, then the UK’s Rise To Remain are for you. Already a Popblerd favorite, RTR bring the metal a la Killswitch Engage meets Lamb Of God. Vocalist Austin Dickinson is a whole brand new pile of awesome in the frontman department and will make you love this band by the time their set concludes at each stop.



Polar Bear Club:

I remember them playing Worcester’s Skatefest in 2010 and their brand of Americana emo by way of Quicksand old school was just what the doctor ordered and definitely a standout amongst some of the more generic acts on the bill. Seasoned veterans by today’s standards, PBC will be working hard to make sure you check out last year’s Clash Battle Guilt Pride record.




For everyone else, go here and for the remaining tour dates, go here.

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