So, have we officially gotten to the “been there, done that” point with Robin Thicke?

His videos generally seem to follow the same plot…sexytime with Robin and a lovely lady (usually his wife, actress Paula Patton.) Kinda makes you wish he’d mix things up once in a while.

Not this time.

Robin’s latest video, for the slow jam “All Tied Up,” finds him cavorting with a hot chick (who, in this case, is not Paula Patton) interspersed with random shirtless shots. Far be it for me to pooh-pooh gratuitous semi-nudity, but I do have to ask: when did chest-shaving become cool? Not that I’ve ever seen (or noticed) Robin’s body before, but I had a major boy crush on his pops back in the ’80s, and Alan had a Robin Williams-esque chest hair thing going on. The apple can’t fall that far from the tree, especially when the two are damn near identical facially.

At any rate, check out the video. You can find “All Tied Up” on Robin’s latest album, Love After War.

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