Big Money: Hey home slice!
Gonzo: Heya
BM: So, it has been some time since we have gotten together for the Infamous and Entertaining Cover Convo.
G: This is true. Life! It happens!
I believe you’re running the show this time, correct?
BM: I was afraid/hoping you’d say that. Are you ready to jump into the wayback machine with me?
G: You never have to ask.
BM: Good! Grab your eyeliner.

G: Fucking ads! There we go.
I love this song, by the way. But I’m already dreading where we’ll end up.
I’ve also always thought that Robert Smith would be a great Halloween costume idea.
BM:  Was Edward Scissorhands based on Robert Smith at all? Stick some claws on Robert Smith, and they’re identical.
G: Geez, I don’t know, but that makes perfect sense. I’m sure Depp and Burton are Cure fans. They’re both mopey.
BM: This was the first song i really, really remember as being by The Cure. I”d heard “Just Like Heaven” before, but I didn’t place it as being a Cure song.
G: I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t conscious of The Cure until “Friday I’m in Love,”  and it wasn’t until maybe 8 or 9 years ago that I really grew to appreciate them.
BM: “Lovesong” was by FAR their biggest hit. Their only Top 10.
G: Really? I would have guessed “Friday” or “Just Like Heaven.”
BM: Nope. “Friday” was a Top 20 song. I believe “Just Like Heaven” barely scratched the top 40 (it actually peaked at #40.) “Lovesong” peaked at #2.
G: Well, I’ll be damned. Paint me pale and call me goth. Perhaps my perception is skewed because they played that at ’80s night every damn week when I was in college.
BM: This song has been covered a couple of times recently.

G: This is what I was afraid of.
It’s actually a pretty loyal cover. I just can’t believe that 311 still exists.
BM: This is actually 8 years old now (which is besides the point, b/c 311 still exists…)
G: Jesus, has it been that long?
This was from 50 First Dates, I believe. A film that I sadly had to sit through.
BM: I’m sorry.
G: You know about 311 day, right?
BM: 311 Day?
G: Every March 11th, they put on a show to celebrate “311 Day,” where they play these marathon shows. “In 2012, 311 Day took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and, for the first time, was split into two days. The band performed 79 songs during the two-day concert.
(editor’s note: I just realized the significance of having 311 day on March 11th as I’m editing this. I’m not very smart.)
G: The concept of a) 311 having 79 songs to play and b) watching 311 play for 2 days. I’m surprised they haven’t moved it to a cruise ship yet a la Weezer.
BM: I don’t think there’s enough weed in the world to smoke.
I will say that “Lovesong” is one of two 311 songs i actually like.
G: Except it’s not actually a 311 song, so…
BM: Good.  I feel less guilty now.
G: So, I’m afraid to ask – but who else has covered this recently?


G: Goddamn these fucking ads!
This is pretty nice, actually. I still would like to see Adele live.
She’s got an undeniably great voice, and from the clips that I’ve seen floating around, she picks pretty interesting covers.
BM: T’would be a very cool sit down kinda gig!
So…I actually think it’s just those three covers.
Allegedly, Blake Lewis has covered it, as have Good Charlotte. But I don’t feel like sawing my own ears off tonight.
G: HA! I did just dig up the Tori Amos version.

I’ve been revisiting Ms. Amos on account of her early ’90s Montreux Jazz Fest performances being on Netflix.
Really dug her first few albums, but kind of fell off after that. But like Adele, she always chose really interesting covers.
BM: I will say…it’s amazing how Tori Amos is able to make just about any song sound like a Tori Amos song.
G: Yeah, she’s definitely got a schtick.
BM: We now have four “Lovesong”s to choose from. We could even throw in Madonna & Prince’s “Love Song” but…
…it’s not the same song
G: Very true.
BM: Man, i watched Sign ‘O The Times for the first time last night. Unbelievable.
G: Wait, wait, wait…
You’d never seen SOTT before?
BM: (hangs head)
G: Amazing! Well I’m glad that you rectified that. Though it’s “live”ness is questionable, it’s a great film.
BM: …and no one decided to blur Sheila E’s nips out through that whole movie.
G: For this, I am grateful.
BM: So, veering off topic as we do…whatcha say, Cap’n?
G: I can’t stray from the original here. Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the makeup.
BM: Your goth kinship.
G:  (note: I was never a goth kid!)
What about you, sir?
B: I would actually have to go with the original, as well. All four versions (even Tori) are pretty solid, but something about Robert Smith’s delivery.
G: He’s one of those vocalists that doesn’t have a particularly good voice, but it is quite unique.
BM: There’s something about the way he sings it that makes it sound like more than a typical, err…love song.
G: He’s great at conveying emotion through his voice.
BM: So, we’re gonna chalk up a double win for The Cure. Now we should rank the rest.
G: Oy vey.
1. Cure. 2. Adele 3. Tori 4. 311
BM: 1. Cure 2. Tori (I actually kinda dug that) 3. Adele 4. 311?
I mean, I’ll say this. It’s a 311 song that I enjoy. That alone should speak volumes!
G: Point taken. And I can respect the Tori/Adele swap. I might even agree.
BM: At any rate, that should wrap it up for this go-round, yes?
G: Yes indeed, sir!
Till next time, Robert Smith & co. walk away with the crown!
What do you think is the superior version of “Lovesong?”
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