It would be so easy to sit here and type about how fantastic “Dreams So Real” is over and over and over again because it is that great of a song. It’s one of those songs that makes the price of an album worth the bucks you laid down. It’s epic. It’s incomparable to the rest of the Metric catalog. It’s, quite simply, divine. It’s also a song that is a standout on an album of standouts. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Synthetica.

If you were blown away by the synth-y goodness of Fantasies, then you ain’t heard nothing yet. “Artificial Nocturne” sums up all of Synthetica with Emily Haines’ and the most perfect opening line: “I’m just as fucked up as they say…”. From the slow start, the song just blossoms into this driving and upbeat electronic tour-de-force. Three years is definitely a long time between albums but Synthetica proves that sometimes you just have to be patient and good things will come. For example, lead single “Youth Without Youth” with its’ shimmering swagger  and “Speed the Collapse” which shows off Haines’ angelic range and Metric’s broad spectrum of sounds.

The title track sees Metric try on their The Cars hats and they pull it off effortlessly with the right amount of electronics interspersed with guitar and closer “Nothing But Time” is a propulsive finale to the awesome Synthetica and leaves the listener begging for Metric which is funny because…

…if Synthetica isn’t enough Metric for you, then be sure to pick up the score for Cosmopolis (Available July 10th) which sees the band team up with composer Howard Shore for the film’s lush score.

Synthetica is out on June 12th.

Grade: A



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