New DMB music is always a cause for celebration, and I had no idea that a new album had been completed. So, imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook and saw that DMB’s website was offering a brand new song for free download. Within minutes, “Gaucho” was sitting comfortably in my inbox.

After passing the link onto my homie stromie Michael Parr, veteran of twenty-odd DMB shows, he pronounced it “busy.” Upon closer inspection, I can definitively say that there’s more to it on the production tip than one would expect from a Dave Matthews Band. Dave’s familiar acoustic strumming is fighting for space with Boyd Tinsley’s violin, an unusually prominent electric guitar (there’s even a rare guitar solo) and…even rarer for a Dave Matthews Band song, a children’s choir.

Still-it works. I dig the song more each time I hear it, and now I’m seriously reconsidering my original idea to sit this summer out as far as catching the guys on tour. DMB’s as yet untitled new album will be out in September.

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