I wasn’t able to catch last week’s show live as I was out of town. And that’s probably a good thing. America, you done did it now. How can Hollie Cavanagh be on a show that Skylar Laine is not? Unbelievable. If Hollie lasts longer than Jessica Sanchez, I just might, well, I just might.

I recapped the season and the eliminations thus far and gave my prediction for the winner earlier this week. And now, we’re down to four.

The first theme tonight is songs about California and the second is songs they wish they had written. Sounds like two weak themes to me.

Phillip Phillips is up first with CCR’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain. He has the look of someone who isn’t worried about anything. It was a fun performance, but not a mind-blowing performance or anything. Steven says he’s really something else. Jenny Lo says he has a new Joe Cocker quality to him. Randall says it took him to the first verse to get the right pitch, but once he did, it was good.

Hollie Cavanagh is up next singing Journey’s Faithfully. Ouch. This is pretty bad. She started off really poorly and picked it up a bit, but it was still not good. Bad song choice too. Randall says she did Steve Perry proud. We heard different performances. Jenny Lo says it was beautiful. Steven says it was beautiful. Why are they propping up this teenage pageant-looking girl?

Joshua Ledet is performing You Raise Me Up. It was a pretty darn good Joshua performance, but I wasn’t too blown away by the actual song. He’s setting the bar pretty darn high for himself. Jenny Lo says it was another great performance. Steven says he sang his little tush off. Randall says he’s an amazing artist with a ginormous career ahead of him.

Jessica Sanchez is hitting clean-up, with Steal Away. I think she won round one. She reminds me a little bit of Margie Hendricks from Ray Charles’ Night Time Is The Right Time, with the young, but soulful gravelly vocals. Jenny Lo says she’s one of the best. Steven says he loved it and she nailed it. Randall used the same phonebook line that he’s used about 100 times this year.

I’m pretty tired of the duets, so I’m just going to skip them.

Phillip is performing Damien Rice’s Volcano and this is a smooth performance and right in his lane. It’s one of his best performances of the season. Steven says it was beautiful. Jenny Lo says it was gorgeous. Randall says it was amazing.

Hollie is singing I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Rait. This is the song she wish she wrote? She’s like 12 years old. Even though the judges will probably disagree, I like this performance better than the first. I’m not sure she got the true feeling of the song, but I just really didn’t like her first performance at all. Steven says it felt short because he didn’t feel the words. Jenny Lo says her vocal was off. Randall says she needed to sing a bigger song because of her big voice.

Joshua is singing James Brown’s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World. I hope he doesn’t just mimic James, but how can he not? He had a couple moments for sure and was able to control himself better than I thought he would. He also had quite the edge to him. I hope he didn’t scare the voters. He closed the heck out of the song too. It just kept getting better. Steven says no one has sang with more compassion on this show ever. I highly doubt Steven watched much of seasons 1-9. Jenny Lo says it was sickening (in a good way). Randall says it’s one of the best singing performances on any show.

Jessica is closing it down with Jennifer Holliday’s And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. Well, there’s a specific version that this song is going to be compared to. Jennifer Hudson destroyed this song. It still gives me chills. If you don’t remember, please remember.

Jessica’s version wasn’t as good as Hudson’s or Holliday’s version, but it was still damn good. How is Hollie even comparable to Jessica again? Steven says it was over the top (in a good way). Jenny Lo says she had a real moment. Randall says it was another great performance.

I’m wondering if there’s been a better twosome in a season in Idol history before than Jessica and Joshua? The Clay/Ruben connection is close, but I’d still take Jessica and Joshua. Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray? Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo? What about Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin? David Cook and Archie? Scotty and Lauren? Mikaylah Gordon and Scott Savol? (Just kidding)

Well, you can choose. Click here to take the survey I created.

I think Jessica and Joshua tied for the night with Phillip running a strong third. Hollie was just Hollie. Seacrest out!

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