I think most were surprised when Colton Dixon was eliminated last week. He seemed to be a shoe-in for the top 5 at the very least, but after having an off-night, America sent him home. I wasn’t terribly appalled. If this show were fair, there’s no way that he’d leave it before Hollie Cavanagh, but everyone else still has a reason to be here. If I liked super emo artists, maybe I’d have pulled for him more, but I don’t, so I was fine with him leaving.

Tonight is Queen night. The contestants will choose a Queen song to sing for their first performance and then a choice of their own for the second performance.

The contestants performed a Queen medley of hits including Fat Bottomed Girls, Another One Bites The Dust, We Will Rock You, and We Are The Champions.

A few things were quite clear from this group performance:
1. Queen rocks harder than ever.
2. Elise is going to kick ass this week.
3. Hollie is more mannequin than human being.

Jessica Sanchez is up first with Bohemian Rhapsody. I think she got the emotion of the song decently, which I was afraid she wouldn’t get. And when it kicked up a gear, she kicked up a gear. Why do I feel that J. Lo is going to say that she was able to be Jessica and BBChez in the same song? Steven says Freddie Mercury would’ve been proud. Jenny Lo says it needed more rock performance. Randall says he really loved it and she should watch Tina Turner videos to learn how to rock out.

Skylar Laine is up second with The Show Must Go On. I have to say, she’s impressive. She couldn’t really twang it up so I was really listening to her voice. She can sing. And she’s getting pretty darn good as a performer. Steven says the energy and passion was fabulous. Jenny Lo says it was powerful. Randall says it was incredible.

Joshua Ledet is singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Here’s a little bit of Idol trivia for you: Fantasia has performed this on Idol before. And of course, Fantasia is Joshua’s favorite. It was a fun performance and Joshua has so much swag. He is the best male R&B/soul singer in the history of this show. He may not win this thing because America is idiotic, but that doesn’t mean anything right now. Randall says he reminds him of Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett. Jenny Lo says the Joshua part of the show is her favorite part of the show. Steven says he has a classic style that sounds like nobody else.

Elise Testone has to follow Skylar and Joshua? She does a pretty good job following and this is right up her alley. She pretended that she was performing at her own concert. It wasn’t as electric as Skylar or Joshua, but it was pretty damn good. Steven says he really enjoyed it. Jenny Lo says it was her in her element. Randall says it was brilliant.

Phillip Phillips is singing about J. Lo in Fat Bottomed Girls. I’m not sure there was a whole lot that he was able to do with this song. It was pure Phillip, but probably the worst of the group so far, which doesn’t mean it was bad. Steven says it was great and beautiful. Jenny Lo says he made it his own. Randall says he liked it, but didn’t love it.

Hollie Cavanagh is singing Save Me. It was one of those annoying Celine Dion performances with the fake soul and fake emotion. She even wore a suit like Celine would. I didn’t really like it very much at all. Steven says she did a really good job. Jenny Lo says she wants to see her emotion and connection. Randall says it was a good performance but it didn’t have that moment.

Jessica is back with Dance With My Father which is dedicated to her father who is soon to be deployed to Singapore. This is interesting. You can tell that she felt it. But it seemed to be much too old for her. It wasn’t all that fun. But her vocals were spot on. Jenny Lo says it’s the best cover on American Idol of that song. Steven says she can’t sing a song badly. Randall says it was so natural and amazing.

Skylar is back for number two and is singing Tattoos on This Town. I so wanted her to sing a non-country song again, but you knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was definitely good, though I liked her first performance a lot more. Randall says it was another great performance. Jenny Lo says she slayed it. Steven says she can do no wrong, but she needs to find songs that take her to that place.

Joshua is singing Ready for Love for his second song. Unlike Jessica, I don’t think this song was too old for him at all. And I’m not all that big of an India.Arie fan, but this was pretty damn brilliant. Homey won the night. Randall says it was another unbelievable performance. Jenny Lo says he makes everyone present. Steven says he’s off to the moon.

My droopy-cheeked girl is singing Bold As Love. I know it best as a John Mayer cover. I think she took a chance here. She was animated, edgy, and went into full-on performance mode. Steven says she has to do songs that people know. Jenny Lo says she knows what Steven is saying, but she just slayed that song so hard that it didn’t even matter. Randall says it wasn’t the right song and she was boxing with the song. I knew they were going to be polarized by that performance.

Phillip is going Dave Matthews with The Stone. This was really cool in a Phillip sort of way, but I wonder if Steven is going to give him the same feedback. Steven says it was entertaining and off-the-wall. Jenny Lo says it was too obscure and artsy. Randall says he showed his true colors once again and he’ll always be Phillip Phillips.

Hollie is back with The Climb. This could work for her. It’s a young girl song and she needs to stop acting so plastic-y. Considering the song was written for Miley Cyrus who is a vocal lightweight, Hollie was able to take it easy and didn’t have to worry about hitting any crazy notes. She just enjoyed it. Kind of inspirational. And it was her best probably all season. Randall says Hollie is back. Jenny Lo says it was perfect. Steven says it was so beautiful.

Here’s my top and (fat) bottom two of the night:

Top 2
1. Joshua Ledet
2. Skylar Laine

Bottom 2
1. Hollie Cavanagh
2. Phillip Phillips

Seacrest out!

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