American Idol’s most entertaining man, Heejun Han is now gone. Even thought the judges lauded his version of Song For You, it was apparent that his vocals just weren’t up to par with the rest of the folks.

(I have a friend named Hea Jin and I would love to reenact David Letterman’s Uma/Oprah bit from the Oscars several years ago, with her and Heejun. Heejun … Hea Jin. Okay, that original bit died, but that idea did run through my mind.)

Ryno says that tonight’s show will feature songs from the 1980s. We’re down to the top 8 and this thing is still 2 hours long. Sheesh.

They’re doing these short packages with the contestants talking about the things they miss. Yes, I’ll be fast forwarding through those.

Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal from No Doubt are helping Jimmy Iovine mentor the children. I have a feeling Tony isn’t going to talk very much.

DeAndre Brackensick is singing DeBarge’s I Like It. This is actually a great choice, but he’s going to have to up the swag to rock with DeBarge. I also have a feeling that much of Idol’s audience hasn’t heard a lot of DeBarge, which could hurt him. He was definitely feeling this performance more than past performances. I thought it was one of his better performances of the year. Jenny Lo says she likes it a lot and it was a natural performance. Steven says it was exceptional. Randall says it was perfect and he could be a new age El DeBarge. Well, except for the drug problem.

Elise Testone is up next with I Want to Know What Love Is. She was going to do Hallelujah, which sounded awesome, but she changed it up. I’ve decided that I’d be in love with Elise if she didn’t remind me so much of Droopy Dog. Damn, I wish she didn’t remind me so much. Her performance was fine, but it just took too long for her to get to the show off spots of the song. I think I’m just bitter that she didn’t do Hallelujah. Not my favorite Elise, but still pretty damn soulful. Steven says he didn’t know if it was the right song. Jenny Lo says it wasn’t totally right. Randall says she wasn’t ever on pitch until the end. Oh man, I hope she’s not outie 5000 because of it (hey, it’s 80s night).

Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine are singing Kenny and Dolly’s Islands In The Stream. This song is probably more memorable lately for being the chorus that Pras jacked for Ghetto Supastar. Anyone seen what Kenny Rogers looks like these days? My man has had some work done on that face of his.

(By the way, Skylar had to say that she and Colton aren’t dating. I didn’t know that was the rumor. If I was Colton, I would’ve put the swoop on Droopy, I mean Elise.)

Phillip Phillips is singing That’s All. This is the first time all season that I’ve thought Phil was out of his league. He couldn’t charm and growl his way through this one. Steven says to keep it up. Jenny Lo says it wasn’t great in the beginning, but he picked it up in the end. Randall says it was a great song choice and great performance.

DeAndre is back with Hollie Cavanagh and they’re performing I’m So Excited. Let’s just say that DeAndre sounds much more like a Pointer Sister than Hollie does. It was corny as all hell.

Joshua Ledet is singing If You Don’t Know Me by Now, which makes me sad because my boy Stefano performed it last year and I loved it and I know that Joshua is going to knock his version out the box. Joshua looks like he’s the most polished singer/performer in the competition and I’m not sure it’s close. Joshua actually fits better in the late 80s R&B world though. I hope that doesn’t hurt him. He was excellent. Simply amazing. Jenny Lo says it was spectacular. Steven says it was perfect. Randall says he’s gotta have it. What is this, a Spike Lee movie?

Jessica Sanchez is singing How Will I Know. We needed to take the Whitney songs out of this list. It was fun and young and that’s what she is, but for the second week in a row, I think her song choice is her worst enemy. She keeps talking about her alter-ego BBChez. I’m not sure I can tell the difference. Also, Jessica, we don’t really like Sasha Fierce. Jenny Lo says it was really, really good. Steven says every thing she does is beautiful. Randall says she did an amazing job.

Phillip and Elise are singing Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around. I think Elise is trying to make up for her other performance. She’s kind of singing my man under the table.

Hollie is singing Flashdance… What a Feeling. Sigh. She’s going to have to come with a some energy and not be so robotic. This was weird for me. You know that show where the moms prep their daughters to make them look like women and put them in pageants? That’s what Hollie looks like. She’s pretending to be a stage singer. Steven says that her pitch was all over the place. Jenny Lo says she needs to feel it and let it go. Randall says she’s thinking too much and not living it.

Jessica and Joshua are singing I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me). It’s kind of unfair to the others to pair these two up. I’m not sure it was good for Jessica to be paired with Joshua. His stage presence just kind of exploded all over her.

Colton Dixon is singing Time After Time. And here I thought he was going to sing The Goonies song. Gwen really needs to flip this one for herself. You can bet that if Gwen’s available, she and Colton may sing together on the Idol finale. Or maybe even Cyndi herself. I’ll give it to him. He’s the most emo singer I’ve seen on American Idol and even though I keep thinking that if the Twilight series had any muskrats, he’d be perfect for the role, it was pretty darn good. I just wish I didn’t have to see him emote on stage. Steve says he could do a record right now. Jenny Lo says it was amazing. Randall says he’s ready to go.

Skylar is singing Wind Beneath My Wings to close the show. It took a little while to get to the good parts of the song, but she closed it well. I’m not sure it makes up for the early, not-so-good parts though. Randall says it’s her best performance of the year. Jenny Lo says that was a don’t count me out performance. Steven says it was so fine.

Since we’re down to eight, I’m going to do top 2 and bottom 2 now.

Top 2
1. Joshua
2. Colton

Bottom 2
1. Hollie
2. Phillip

I think it’s going to be bad, real bad (Michael Jackson) for Hollie tomorrow night, but I do wonder if my girl Droopy is going to get some flack from the fans. I hope not. Seacrest out!

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