Last week, sweet-singing Jeremy Rosado, was eliminated. He didn’t even last long enough for the nickname I gave him to stick around, which was Big Pun. But that’s not even newsworthy compared to the bomb TMZ dropped yesterday.

Jermaine Jones will be kicked off “American Idol” Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants … TMZ has learned.

We’ll see how they handle it tonight, but it’s definitely big news. It’s actually the kind of big news that could get them some extra viewers tonight.

Ryno comes right out and says they learned that one of their contestants needed to be eliminated. Rather than say it now, he wants to cliffhanger it. Well, anyone with a computer already knows.

The theme for tonight is songs from the year the contestants were born and is helping mentor the kids.

Phillip Phillips is hitting leadoff tonight. He mentioned to Jimmy Iovine and that he has to have kidney surgery. I hope he had that surgery before coming on stage tonight. He’s singing the Black Crowes version of Otis Redding’s Hard To Handle. It wasn’t fantastic, but the guy looked like he was in a bit of pain. And how do you kick a guy off who just had surgery? I think he’s fine. Randall says he sounds amazing. Jenny Lo says it’s natural for him and music is in every cell of his body. Steven says to watch his melody, but to keep it up as it was very good.

Jessica Sanchez is singing Turn the Beat Around, which is so played out on this show. Carmen Rasmusen anyone? Her performance was energized and she showed off her skills, but if I never heard this song performed on this show ever again, I’d be totally fine. Steven tells her to not stray too far from ballads and he didn’t like the rhythm. Jenny Lo says her vibrato hurt her a bit on this song. Randall says the song choice hurt her.

Tiffany’s boy (@TVProducerLady) Heejun Han is up with Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting. It was pretty shaky early on and I’m not quite sure it was good at all. I will admit to not being a huge fan of this song too. Randall says he didn’t enjoy it at all and it was pitchy all over the place. Jenny Lo says it got beautiful by the end. Steven says he was out of breath, but he loves his voice still.

Elise Testone has a sleepy drunken look pretty much all the time. And it’s even worse when she smiles. I guess I’ve been around too many drunk people. She’s singing Let’s Stay Together. Wow, tonight has been pretty lackluster so far. I’m waiting for her to hit on Taylor Dayne pretty soon. Steven says he loves her voice. Jenny Lo says it was right on every single level. Randall says Elise is back. (They are really grading her on a curve tonight.)

Deandre Brackensick wanted to sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, but the guys steered him toward Endless Love which Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross remade in 1994. Holy cow, this dude was born when I graduated high school. So far, no one has knocked it completely out of the park. Deandre didn’t seem like he really believed in the song. He had some falsetto show-off parts, but it wasn’t all that impressive tonight. Jenny Lo says he sang it beautifully, but she thought that Jimmy and steered him wrong and he didn’t believe it was the right song for him. Steven says he’s going to find it. Randall says it was boring and safe.

Shannon Magrane is next. She teases us about singing Don’t Speak, which I kind of liked, but instead, chose One Sweet Day. Why? Didn’t you learn last week with Whitney? Last week I said that Shannon was too light in the ass to pull off Whitney and now she tries with Mariah? Sigh. What are Jimmy and there for if not to steer them away from bad choices like these? Jenny Lo says she was terrified for her but she did a beautiful job with it. Steven says she did a really good job. Randall says she’s fearless. Actually, she’s pretty darn charming in the way she receives feedback. I think that can help her along the way.

Colton Dixon aka “The Muskrat” is singing Broken Heart. Muskrat Colton gave us the first very good performance of the night, but he’s always going to do well with songs like this. He’s now Twitter buddies with Daughtry, and fronting a band like Daughtry might be a good look for him. Jenny Lo says he looks pretty when he sings. Steven says it was the wrong song for his voice and his passion. Randall says he performed it dope.

(By the way, if Mary J. Blige was the greatest mentor in Idol history last week, is the opposite.)

Erika Van Pelt is singing Bryan Adam’s Heaven. I expected to be blown away based on her rehearsal and I thought it was okay, but not great. Steven says she needed to stay with the melody. Jenny Lo says the arrangement left them wanting more. Randall says to be careful with classic songs.

This is a sleep inducing show tonight. Thankfully the Jermaine Jones unveil is up now. Basically there are four warrants out for arrest for Jermaine and they have to let him go. Bring back Corey Clark! I don’t imagine it’s going to be fun going home for Jermaine. My man’s gonna be locked up. Ryno says they will still eliminate someone tomorrow, which makes me wonder if they knew Jermaine was possibly in hot water. Why would Fox just give up one week of TV ratings and ad sales?

Skylar Laine is singing Bonnie Rait’s Love Sneakin’ Up on You. I’m not so sure the song was perfect for the night, but she had a ton of energy and it was a fun performance. Steven says she has so much heart and soul. Jenny Lo says she killed it. Randall says she sang it really good.

Joshua Ledet is singing When a Man Loves a Woman and he should really destroy this song. He didn’t quite destroy it like I wanted, but it’s probably my favorite performance, sans the crazy screams at the end. Go ‘head Joshua. Randall says it was crazy good. Jenny Lo says it was the best thing she’s ever seen on American Idol. Steven says God came through his eyes.

Hollie Cavanagh is singing Power Of Love. Even though the judges loved her last week, I thought it was kind of a soulless performance. And while, she does sort of sing in an empty and lifeless way, her vocals were pretty on the spot tonight. She’s growing on me. Jenny Lo says it was beautiful. Steven says it was beautiful. Randall says it was in her wheelhouse and she blew it out the box.

I think the Jermaine news must’ve taken something out of the contestants because it was a lackluster show. I really don’t know who even goes home tomorrow.

Top 3
1. Joshua Ledet
2. Hollie Cavanagh
3. Colton Dixon

Bottom 3
1. Heejun Han
2. Shannon Magrane
3. Deandre Brackensick

Seacrest out!

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