Later this week, the top 13 for season 11 of American Idol sing for their pop lives. I will blog the happenings here every week.

I’ve watched nearly every episode of American Idol, so I know a little bit about this show. But I grabbed someone who knows even more about this show than I do, and she’s someone who I first met when I was in grade school. My friend Tiffany, who you can follow on Twitter @TVProducerLady, and I got our American Idol nerd-on.

We first discussed the US version of X-Factor and compared it to American Idol. We talked about Tiffany’s favorite Idols of all-time. We then discussed this year’s crop of talent and gave our opinions on who should’ve made it, who shouldn’t have, and who was screwed out of their opportunity. Tiffany works in television and she put on her TV hat and we talked about whether or not American Idol needs any changes and if so, what Idol can do to improve the show.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had talking about American Idol.

Right click to download or stream below.

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