The place to be last week was Minneapolis, where The Revolution reunited after a quarter-century at the club that provided the backdrop for their finest moment-the live concert scenes in the smash 1984 movie “Purple Rain.” Of course, The Revolution was sans their leader and composer (you might know him, his name is Prince?) but still, it was a hot ticket and was much buzzed about on the internet in the days leading up to and immediately after the show.

In this TV interview, the Revolution (Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Bobby Z., Brownmark, Dr. Fink and Dez Dickerson, who was part of The Revolution circa 1999 but had left by the time Purple Rain was filmed and released) talk about the circumstances that facilitated their reunion, as well as the high-heeled elephant (not) in the room. It’s a warm, funny interview. All the members look healthy and happy, and if The Time and The Family can make new albums, is it wrong to wonder what a Revolution album (with or without Prince) would sound like in 2012?

FULL INTERVIEW: The Revolution:

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