It will be two weeks from tomorrow that Whitney Houston passed away. In a weird way because of how we receive news through social media these days, it seems like it’s been longer. We were inundated with 24-hour coverage because of the TMZ’s of the world. Friends and family shared their words about Whitney as well. Seemingly, everyone had an opinion about her music, who she’d turned in to, and who was to blame. We shared our thoughts on Whitney, putting together a Blerd Appreciation piece.

My favorite Whitney Houston song isn’t her cover of the Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You or her cover of I’m Every Woman (though that’d be my second favorite Whitney song). It’s actually her 1990 number one single I’m Your Baby Tonight.

If you’ve seen Whitney comfortable in interviews, she has always been charming as all hell. Watch any sit down with Arsenio Hall that she did in the early 90s and my man melts in front of her. To be fair, it was pretty easy to make Arsenio melt, but Whitney did it with her personality better than anyone. I think that charm came out in this song and video as well.

This was a period in her career where some of her audience criticized her for sounding “too White”. Whether she sounded White or Black didn’t really matter to me. I would melt whenever this song came on.

(How’s this for Whitney trivia? This song went number one for only one week, unseating Mariah Carey’s Love Takes Time. Who unseated Whitney? Stevie B did with Because I Love You (The Postman Song). Why does Stevie B always have to mess everything up?)

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