You’ve been seeing quite a lot of BLACK TAXI in these digital pages because, quite frankly, we think they’re pretty fuckin’ rad. The band’s latest video for “Hand” off their upcoming sophomore album, We Don’t Know Any Better, just furthers that point.

The concept of “Hand” is simple: Hand cams for everyone and continue on with your day. The video (directed by David Franklin) is fun, interesting, and is a great companion piece for a kick ass rock song. Also, look closely and you’ll notice there’s a hand in every frame (Thanks to Rey for the info!). Can videos still be visually striking in this day and age? If MTV still played videos, then I guarantee this one would be in heavy rotation and sweeping the VMA’s.

As for the song?

If you weren’t sold on “Tightrope” then “Hand” is straight out of left field and an entirely whole different animal then BLACK TAXI’s lead single. You get the full appearance of the infamous trumpet, some different vocalists and just a glimpse of how incredibly brilliant We Don’t Know Any Better (Out January 17th) is.

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