Part Florence & The Machine. Part Client. Part Ladytron. All awesome. That’s The Good Natured in a nutshell. I came across them while researching a completely different genre band. Saw them on the EMI homepage and thought they looked cool (yeah, I’m admitting that). I checked out “Skeleton” the song and was intrigued by the blend of new wave and modern-day electro pop. Then I purchased Skeleton the EP and fell in love.

From the minute “Your Body Is a Machine” opens up Skeleton, you’ll be hooked. “Skeleton” and “Wolves” are the ones that will get the most attention because they’re the most accessible and pretty but I’m telling you, “Your Body Is a Machine” is where it’s at. The combination of drummer George Hinton, bassist Hamish McIntosh, and Sarah McIntosh (Hamish’s sister) on keys and vox is irresistible and “Your Body…” is the perfect example of why. Not to discount either “Wolves” or “Skeleton”. They’re both brilliant, especially “Wolves”.

Skeleton is out now. It would be silly for you not to purchase this 7-track EP before the full-length eventually hits. You know you wanna be on top of this, don’tcha? Get it here.

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