Were you wondering what happened to the All-American Rejects? Me neither.

Anyhow, it’s been almost four years since they last released an album. In that time, Tyson Ritter apparently still has not decided to stop looking like a Hot Topic-shopping 14 year old, and apparently the band hasn’t given up their habit of making songs that sound hella catchy on the radio for like a month and then you completely forget them. They are in the process of resurfacing-with a new album scheduled for release early next year-and the first single and video is called “Someday’s Gone.” I’ll give them props for a fairly inventive video-these guys have always made decent visuals. The song is OK, but nothing to write home about. Ah well, different strokes, I guess. If you find more redeeming value in this band than I do, feel free to leave a comment bashing my shitty taste in music.

You can also download “Someday’s Gone” for free at the band’s website.

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