“Just keep it sweet and simple/Let a little skin show”, leers Boots Electric (better known as Jesse Hughes of sexy rockers Eagles of Death Metal) in his new album Honkey Kong’s opening track “Complexity”. It’s a philosophy the song’s video takes to heart, featuring little more than Boots, his bandmates, a bevy of sexy ladies, and some strip club-esque red and blue lighting. Usually, such minimal effort would seem like a cop-out, but it’s honestly befitting for the music. This is a sexy, sleazy, synth heavy glam-rock spin on the “death by sexy” grooves of Eagles of Death Metal, and what better way to capture that spirit than to feature half-clothed women with big guitars dancing along with Boots, shirt off, shades on, sporting his glorious porn-star moustache.

The song itself sports a hip-swinging groove, a straight-forward rocker with a sly bit of self-awareness. It’s catchy as hell and hard to resist bouncing around to. And the final 45 seconds break down into absolute chaos, both musically and visually, with Boots and the ladies going crazy (one of them ends up on his shoulders, another pins him to the ground with her foot, someone flashes the camera, there’s a blatant cock reference… you get the idea.) Needless to say, this much sexy is not safe for work, but once you’re away from the boss’s prying eyes, be sure to give this one a watch!

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