I really wonder how Tim Tebow’s week 7 is going to be spun by fans and media alike. If you read through Twitter during the first three quarters of the Denvers Broncos’ win against the Miami Dolphins, it was all bad for Tebow. Tebow was overrated, no good, and simply not worth all the hype. After the game, he was a winner and showed all the Tebow haters what was up. LeBron James tweeted out this particular shout-out.

If I’m a Denver Broncos fan, I’m very relieved that they didn’t lose to the winless Dolphins. But that’s probably about it. Tebow is an exciting player and he did come out of the game with a win. But if I’m a defensive coordinator, I probably blitz the hell out of him until he can prove that he can make the right reads in a short amount of time.

Having to score 15 points in the last 3 minutes of the game is impressive. Even doing it against one of the worst teams in the league is impressive. But, I’d be more impressed if they were leading the game the entire way and he had a more consistent day. Check out Bill Barnwell’s post on Tebow’s day.

1. Tebow ran 8 times for 65 yards. The QB draw may be renamed “The Tebow”.

2. The big game of the week was the NY Jets and the San Diego Chargers. Early on, it looked like the Chargers were well on their way to victory but Mark Sanchez and Plaxico Burress connected on three short touchdown passes to come back and win. By the way, if you were an opposing DB and and you took one to the house against the Jets and wanted to taunt Burress, wouldn’t you prentend to shoot yourself in the leg and fall down in the end zone?

3. Jim Schwartz tried the goatee this week, but it didn’t work. The Lions actually played well last week in losing to the 49ers, but I’m not sure they’d feel the same way after losing to the Falcons. They were down 17-6 early on and got to within 4 late in the third, but that was it. To make matters worse, it looks like Matt Stafford hurt his ankle late in the game. If he can’t play, get ready for Shaun Hill!

4. Arian Foster 21 – Tennessee Titans 7. Foster had a Marshall Faulk-like day with over 100 yards both rushing and receiving.

5. My friend Aubrey Aquino was the @RedHotReporter for the London game today. Unfortunately, Josh Freeman didn’t play well for her. He threw 4 picks, and yet, with just over 7 minutes left, the Bucs were only down by 3 to the Bears. Matt Forte had over 180 yards of offense for the London fans. Quietly, those inconsistent Bears are now 4-3. And last I heard, Aubrey was looking for the post-post-post-game party.

6. Did the Saints really put 62 on the Colts on national television? With the Rams and Phins also losing, we have three winless teams trying to “Suck For Luck”. I think the Dolphins are the worst team in the league, and as long as they roll Matt Moore out there, they’re my pick to win by losing to secure that number one draft pick. Is it possible to have a winless team this season? What about more than one?

7. How’d you like to be Kyle Boller this week? Jason Campbell is injured and you’re ready to come in if he can’t go. Rather than instill some confidence in you, the Raiders immediately trade their next two first round draft picks for Carson Palmer who hasn’t played all season long. You have a terrible first half throwing three picks against the Kansas City Chiefs and are pulled for Palmer who looks just as bad as you do, duplicating your three interceptions. Yet, your fans don’t want to see you take the field ever again and would rather blame his picks on you too. Yep, the Raiders lost 28-0 in a pathetic display.

8. The Green Bay Packers kept their undefeated season alive by beating the Minnesota Vikings in a closer game than most would expect, 33-27. Adrian Peterson’s legs helped the Vikings get out to a quick lead and the Packers didn’t take their first lead until the second half. Aaron Rodgers completed 24-30 for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. He’s completing over 70% of his passes for the year. Christian Ponder showed promise for the Vikings who are now 1-6.

9. And the rest … The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cards 32-20 behind the arm of one Big Benjamin and now sit at 5-2. The Carolina Panthers beat the Washington Redskins at home 33-20. Cam threw for one touchdown and ran for another. DeMarco Murray made Dallas Cowboys’ fans forget about Felix Jones very quickly, running for 253 yards, setting a one-game franchise record. It didn’t matter to Cowboys’ fans if it was against the St. Louis Rams, who are winless and are statistically, the league’s worst run defense. They were happy to win a game that didn’t come down to the last few plays. They ran away in a 34-7 route.

Edit: I failed to mention the Cleveland Browns win against Seattle, but then again, you don’t hold it against me for forgetting about that 6-3 slobberknocker of a game do you?

10. It’s yet another stinker of a Monday Night Football game. The Baltimore Ravens have the league’s best defense and the Jacksonvile Jags are one of the league’s worst scoring offenses, only scoring more than 13 points once this season. I expect the Ravens to win a laugher and give rookie Blaine Gabbert quite the education in the process.

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