I admit that I was surprised to see this one come down the pike.  Lords of Acid hail from Belgium, and have been making industrial techno music laced with not-so-subtle sexual lyrics since 1988.  My primary knowledge of the band stems from their 1997 album Our Little Secret, which featured the entendre-laden “Pussy” and the even more transparent “Spank My Booty.”  I really haven’t given much thought to Lords of Acid in the intervening decade, but it turns out that they’re still together and are soon to release the Little Mighty  Rabbit EP.

Ahead of release, the band has released a video for the title cut, a tribute to one of the more popular varieties of non-human female companionship.  The video is borderline NSFW, though no actual nudity is involved.  The racy video doesn’t feature any of the band members, instead opting for shots of scantily clad women writhing in the boudoir.

Although some may find the video titillating, it strikes me as pretty cliched, especially for this genre, especially for this band.  This is fitting for the song however, which would sound right at home on their 1997 LP.  What this means is that in the course of 14 years, Lords of Acid haven’t made any strides in their creative evolution.  Still making thick synthy, thumping (and now anachronistic) industrial-techno, still capitializing on the shock value of blatantly sexual lyrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude when it comes to lyrical content (Hello, Prince).  But one of my biggest musical pet peeves is when artists fail to progress and continue to develop their sound.  This was always my problem with Rage Against the Machine for example who made a great debut album, but then repeated that album four times.

The difference is that in addition to not progressing musically, Lords of Acid continue to rely on the gimmick of rampant eroticism in their lyrics and visual media.  Maybe that’s all that they care to do, and I suppose that’s fine too.  But in the end, it just makes them seem like a novelty act, and the novelty has gotten incredibly stale.

Little Mighty Rabbit hits physical and digital shelves on September 27.


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