I guarantee you that if you’re a hip-hop fan and the city of Boston is referenced, you’re gonna think of one of two guys. Either the late, great Guru is gonna cross your mind, or Edo G will ring a bell if you’re more of a golden era/underground head. If your mind crosses over to a particular Calvin Klein undies-sporting emcee, I feel for you.

However, despite a lack of commercial shine lately, it seems like the Boston hip-hop scene is on the come up. Slaine just released an album, and I’m sure by now you’ve gotten a hold of my homeboy (and Popblerd staffer) Nixon Nyce’s latest single on iTunes. If you’re a fan of either of those two gentlemen, you might also want to grab a hold of Pat G’s latest effort, entitled New Kid on the Block (yep, it’s a reference to those guys), which came out this week.

Pat’s been a mainstay of the Boston hip-hop circuit for almost a decade, having worked as a producer as well as an emcee. Among the familiar names he’s collaborated with? Mr. Lif, Akrobatic and the aforementioned Edo G. The first video from his solo joint, “New Day”, is on some positive-but-not-corny, blue-collar vibes. It’s good stuff, and as a certified old head from the golden era, I appreciate any hip-hop that puts forth good energy (or real energy) and combines it with bangin’ beats. Check out the video here:

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