The UK’s Hard-Fi are somewhere in the realm of The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite mixed with The Police. They definitely bring the groove with some horn and synth flourishes but overall, Hard-Fi just rock.

Their third album, Killer Sounds, is out this week and it is well worth the 4-year wait. Teaming up with producers Stuart Price (Madonna, Seal, The Killers), Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen), Alan Moulder (NIN) as well as production from frontman Richard Archer, Hard-Fi have managed to craft an album that blends all of their styles and take it to the next level. This time they add some Duran Duran (Most notably on “Stop” and “Stay Alive”) and some Happy Mondays to their repertoire to create an unstoppable comeback album.

I first discovered them from an EP they released featuring an (almost) unrecognizable dub cover of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army“. The EP also had their infectious debut single “Cash Machine” which is not only a great introduction to the band but also to vocalist Richard Archer’s storytelling prowess. Of the new school of British music makers, Archer is up there with Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and Paul Smith of Maximo Park.

But I digress.



Opening with “Good For Nothing”, Hard-Fi sound better than ever. Refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated, “Good For Nothing” is as much a solid single as it is a refresher of the Hard-Fi sound. That being, catchy riffs, an undeniable groove, and witty lyrics. “Fire In The House” is a symphonic-electro tour-de-force that sees Archer take on a sweet falsetto in the chorus amidst a throbbing beat.  There’s not really  one word in the dictionary to describe how infectiously good “Give It Up” is. I’ll leave it at that. Oh yeah, and this is just the first three songs of Killer Sounds. It gets better and better still.

If you haven’t heard of this band, Stars of CCTV and Once Upon A Time In The West are available over here now. Killer Sounds is out now in the UK and hopefully  over here soon. For now, you can order yours here. You’re welcome.


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