There are two Roadrunner bands who both have new records due later this year who are both in line for Metallica’s throne should they ever decide to retire. They are Machine Head (Also from the Bay Area) and Trivium. MH has the chops and experience but Trivium’s got the secret weapon in guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy who is a dead ringer for James Hetfield.

Trivium’s latest is due out in August and the first inkling has appeared in the form of “In Waves”. It’s a 5-minute slab of anthemic, bludgeoning metal starting with Heafy’s bloodcurdling chant of “IN WAVES!!!!!!”. Now you just have to wait ’til August for the rest.

Ember To Inferno was great, Ascendancy was better, The Crusade was a massive fail but Shogun got back to what I loved about Trivium: Unrelenting metal. “In Waves” is hopefully a good indication that album number five will top the others.

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