Dear Mr. Chandler,
Sorry you couldn’t make the playoffs. Hopefully you’ll be able to make an appearance next year.

Dear Mr. Rose and Mr. Bryant,
I’m never believing you when you say you are injured again. Your best games of the season were when you weren’t sure if you’d even play. Actually Mr. Wade should be copied on this too.

Dear Mr. Rondo,
Your team wins when you play aggressive and loses when you aren’t. Please have the right Rondo show up against Miami.

Dear Mr. Johnson,
You are so overpaid. That is all.

Dear Mr. Richardson,
Everyone expected Turkoglu and Arenas to be terrible, but your play just made Mr. Howards decision much easier.

Dear Mr. Paul, Roy and Bynum,
Are you going to stay healthy long enough for me to get excited about your play or are you all just teases?

Dear Mr. Karl,
Tell me your theory about winning without superstars again?

Dear Mr. Howard,
Blocking the ball into the 7th row looks cool but the other team gets the ball back.

Dear Mr. D’Antoni,
Using all your timeouts before crunch time leaves you with no timeouts in cruch time.

Dear Mr. James,
Sometimes you do miss a shot on your own. Not every miss is because you got fouled.

Dear NBA refs,
No one is here to see you. Nor do real fans want to win because of you. Just call the game evenly and everyone will be happy.

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