Blerd Radio 3.0 is back with Episode #2. This week, audio problems jeopardize the show yet again before we get on a roll with @Jonny Ice.

Our main topic this week is “Record Store Stories”. In commemoration of Record Store Day (which is today), Mike and Jesse discuss their favorite tales from behind the counter, as they are both past record store employees. Jesse regales us with a colorful tale of someone who drove through multiple states in order to get a copy of a Cold album, while Mike’s tale is…well, it’s much less safe to listen to at work.

Prior to exchanging Record Store Stories, however, topics that get discussed include Ashley Judd’s regrettable comments (while the three of us struggle to name actual Ashley Judd movies), Kobe Bryant’s regrettable comments (and Bret Easton Ellis’s unintentional one-upsmanship), the lengthy Foo Fighters documentary, “Cougar Town” vs. “Scrubs”, and why “Happy Endings” makes Mike…well, happy.

Listen up for: Mike having tons of trouble grasping the fact that it’s Thursday and not Tuesday, the quandary of which athlete has perfected the art of the “poo face”, why Jesse hates Rick Springfield, the story of how Mike and Jesse met (which involves a spilled drink and Mike Doughty) and “Can’t Hardly Wait”.

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Blerd Radio Episode 2: Record Store Stories

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