I finally got to see Prince in concert last December, and I was amazed by the fact that, at age 52, the man still blows 98% of performers away with his stage presence alone. Add in his superior musicianship and…well, let’s just say that there’s Prince, and there’s almost everyone else.

Mr. Nelson is playing a 21-date residency in Los Angeles (one of the very few times I wish I lived in California) and to help promote it, he stopped by the set of “Lopez Tonight” (really, Prince? George Lopez?) and performed a few songs with his band, including the Purple Rain classic “The Beautiful Ones”, his recent track “Laydown” (which is hardly new seeing as 20Ten came out a year ago). He and his band also went to town on a cover of D-Train’s 1981 dance hit “You’re the One for Me”. He let his background singers take the lead on this one, while doing the bandleader thing and introducing Sheila E., who smoked on percussion in the second half of the song.

Check out Prince (and the New Power Generation, of course)’s performances here.

D-Train’s original version is a stone-cold classic. You can catch a glimpse of that below.

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