Not only has Jesse been a great addition to the Popblerd! staff, he’s also helped me revitalize the somewhat dormant Blerd Radio! (translation: I was a little too lazy to keep doing these myself.) Our first record was recorded last week, but fell victim to some serious audio issues; namely the fact that everything I said echoed.

With audio issues fixed, we forged on ahead earlier this week and recorded a much more successful episode. Join Jesse and I as we discuss topics including:

-The crappy audio problems that led us to shitcan last week’s episode

-The artistic legacy of Britney Spears

-Mrs. Jesse’s massive crushes on Josh Homme and David Cook

-Jesse waxes poetic about the Queens of the Stone Age, while I am shocked to discover that Black Joe Lewis is, in fact, black.

-What celebrities would we most like to see get run over by a bus? Followed by a discussion of the term “foxy-boxing”.

-Jesse’s odd hatred of Hilary Swank.

-Which of the new musical based reality shows is most likely to fail.

-The return of Limp Bizkit.

You can listen to the podcast by downloading the link below or you can head over to our show page on Blog Talk Radio! Enjoy!!

02 Blerd Radio_ Once More, No Echo..

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