My discovery of Bleu’s music was a case of being in the right place with the right person at the right time. My friend Brian was visiting from Boston (at the time, I was living in New York…now, he’s no longer in Boston, but I am…confused yet?) and we decided to, as music nerds do, go record shopping. As we were hanging out in Sounds on St. Mark’s Place, Brian handed me a copy of Bleu’s debut album Redhead, which had been priced almost impossibly cheaply, and told me that it would be the smartest purchase I would make that night. Then he volunteered to buy it for me. What could I say? Sold!

Fast-forward seven or eight years. Bleu’s still making records and touring the country. His most recent album, Four, was one of my favorites from last year, and I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Brighton Music Hall on March 4th (shit, Tracy Bonham’s on the bill, too. Should be a good show!). He also still has the most amazing sideburns I’ve seen since I was a kid and looking through my family’s Temptations album covers and old copies of Jet magazine.

Most recently, Bleu premiered the video for “How Blue”. The video co-stars (or should I say it stars, since Bleu is basically making a cameo in his own video) Justin Kirk, who many of you know from the TV show “Weeds” (a show I’m unfamiliar with, because I don’t have Showtime, but should be familiar with, because I…well, you know) but I know from his guest starring role as Mitchell’s boss on “Modern Family”. Nice twist at the end, guys!

Check out Bleu’s tour dates here.

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