She saw the lights, she saw the pale English face
Some strange machines repeating beats and thumping bass
Visions of pills that put you in a loving trance
That make it possible for all white boys to dance-
Ben Folds, “Zak & Sara”

Within my first view of Radiohead’s new “Lotus Flower” video, these words immediately came to my head. Of course, we already knew Thom Yorke was/is a spaz, but his moves here are on some deranged, other shit. I don’t think there’s been such a bad display of British boy dancing since George Michael’s “Monkey” video.

Nevertheless, the video is riveting, and the song is excellent. The release date for The King of Limbs has been pushed up one day to today, so make sure you mosey on over to Radiohead’s website and grab yourself a copy. If the album is anything like this song (which reminds me strongly of the songs on Yorke’s Eraser CD), then this album is another stone-cold classic from Radiohead.

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