As a Knicks fan this season is so frustrating. We’ll beat teams like the Spurs and Heat but lose to the Kings and Cavs. I’d still take this season over the last 8 but this emotional rollercoaster of a season is draining.

The Clippers have looked great in 2011. They dug too big a hole to make the playoffs this year but I’m already looking forward to seeing this team in the postseason in 2012.

Who are your picks for the all-star game reserves? I know it’s an unwritten rule that players from losing teams don’t make it but it would be a travesty if Kevin Love doesn’t make it. He’s putting up numbers we haven’t seen in decades.

Is there anything lamer than the Heat Index? It’s a special section on ESPN to stroke the Heats ego, you know, because they need more of that. Some recent articles; The Knicks beat them because David Stern wouldn’t let Wade wear darker glasses, they lost to the Nuggets because it was a scheduling loss, they beat the Pistons because they had teamwork, Bosh is better than Amare Stoudemire and Pau Gasol. I’m not joking, these are real articles.

Trade Carmelo Anthony or don’t, everyone’s sick of hearing about it every day.

Brook Lopez is averaging 4.5 rebounds a game in January and 5.7 for the season. He’s 7 feet tall and the Nets are planning on building around him long term. I hope they have a plan B.

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