Things are starting to perk up a wee bit with this week’s new releases. While there’s still not a big-name slam-dunk release in the near future, I guess there’s enough mid-range releases to make up for it? Wishful thinking? Here’s a couple of this week’s more important releases…

The Decemberists The King is Dead- I gave The Decemberists a chance. After hearing The Crane Wife in a co-worker’s cubicle at the beginning of 2007, I bought it…was nonplussed pretty quickly and sold it back. I skipped 2009’s Hazards of Love entirely, and probably won’t be running out to get this new album, even with the added incentive of featuring R.E.M.’s Peter Buck on a couple of tracks. Not that I dislike the band or anything-they’re just not my speed. Although if this album has a more pronounced R.E.M. influence…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Maybe.

The Script Science & Faith- When I did a piece on The Script’s new single, I had no idea that the album was coming out this week. However, the Irish heartthrobs’ second full-length indeed arrives on U.S. shores today. I must admit, the overseas/domestic release thing is pretty disconcerting these days, especially since it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the album when it’s initially available. What’s the incentive for waiting? A song with B.o.B.? Not good enough. At any rate, The Script’s first album was decent. I might give this album a shot, depending on how much dough I have to spend and whether I hear good things from the samples I’m gonna check out before plunking down a ten spot.

James Blunt Some Kind of Trouble- Something tells me ol’ Blunty is gonna need more than a video on which he strips naked and a dalliance on the Oprah show to regain the brief moment he spent as the hottest male singer around a few years back. I still have nightmares about “You’re Beautiful”, although I suppose I should also admit that I bought the album it came from (used-for three bucks. Right after it came out, too! Score!!) So, yeah…this is another one of those albums that had a delayed release in America…it’s been out in Blunty’s (I like that name) native U.K. for several months. Not that I think it matters-his career is probably over.

Social Distortion Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes- Blah blah blah. Legendary. Blah blah blah. Mike Ness. If you’re reading this and you do know who Social D is, you’re probably cussing me out for being flip. If you’re reading this and you don’t know who Social D is, their Wikipedia page can probably tell you much more than I can. The seminal hardcore band teased this new album (their first studio effort in seven years) with a performance on Kimmel last week, and although I feel like bands like this always preach to the choir, there’s a little antiestablishment elf in me that hopes that Social D winds up debuting at #1 next week. Not likely, but faintly possible.

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Also out today, the first new music from Gregg Allman in fourteen years, plus a new Kidz Bop effort (yay!) and live albums from Phish and Pearl Jam (although not together, because that album would be 7 hours long and probably smell bad.)

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