I guess the equivalent these days would be to give Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood a variety show?

Back in the early Eighties, Barbara Mandrell was one of country music’s leading lights. Aside from seeing her a time or two on “Solid Gold”, I can’t really recall any of her music-making pursuits. However, I do recall that she and her sisters had a well-received variety show that ran on NBC. This was towards the end of the period when it was customary for musicians to have weekly TV series-just ask Donny and Marie. Or Tony Orlando and Dawn. Or The Jacksons. Or Toni Tennille. Or…you get the picture.

Anyhow, the basic premise had Barbara and her sisters Louise and Irlene (sheesh, talk about hot chicks with old lady names) doing corny comedy sketches with special guests in between singing their own hits or covering pop tunes of the day. I seem to remember a sketch involving Christopher Cross’s “Sailing”, but for some reason I see Marie Osmond in the sketch instead of one of the Mandrell sisters. My brain doesn’t work too good sometimes.

Seems like these days, musicians are a little too protective of their images (and maybe wary of overexposure) to bother with hosting a weekly TV show, although there are certain singers who could probably pull it off. The name that most immediately comes to mind is Justin Timberlake, who has done quite a good job during his various appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and also as an awards show host.

Everyone around the world…come on!! Sing and dance with the Mandrell sisters as they take Kool & the Gang’s already pretty bad smash single “Celebration” and make it…well, not necessarily worse. But definitely cheesier. Gotta love the early 80s fashion. Oh, and thanks for my friend Jenny for posting this clip on her Facebook page and reminding me of this show.

(Now I’m wondering what would have happened if Barbara Mandrell did a record with mid 70s funk favorites Mandrill. I told you my brain works funny sometimes.)

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