The best thing to happen on “Saturday Night Live” in the past five years is the Lonely Island. Andy Samberg and his cohorts Akiva Schaffer (hey, how’d the Jewish dude get a Black girl’s first name?) and Jorma Taccone¬†got the ball rolling with “Lazy Sunday” and haven’t stopped from there. “Dick in a Box” is still the most memorable SNL skit in recent memory, not that there have been a whole lot. You know what’s sad? The fact that the show sucks so bad that there’s barely any reason to watch it besides the occasionally good musical guest and digital shorts like “I Just Had Sex”. Of course, with Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam, there’s more eye candy on that show now than there’s been maybe ever-at least on the dude side. With Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph and Chris Elliott’s hot daughter (I still can’t believe he spawned her) gone for the show, the hot chick quotient is nil these days. Shit, “SNL”‘s been a haven for unattractive folks for nearly forty years now. Comedy isn’t sexy?

Speaking of not being sexy, who would have sex with Akon’s ugly ass? The man has kids, so I guess the answer is “somebody”, but I must say that it was something of a masterstroke (pun intended) to feature him on “I Just Had Sex”, the first single from The Lonely Island’s upcoming second album (as yet untitled). It’s phenomenally goofy (as all Lonely Island tracks are), and, really-since it’s so hard to take Akon seriously anyway, this is the perfect song to feature him on. You also have to give props to any video that features John McEnroe, right?

Anyway, hopefully the video’s at least good for a laugh this Thursday morning.

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