Lest I give y’all the impression that I’m turning into a blog version of MTV (back when MTV actually played videos), I’m gonna ease up on these for a minute…after this.

The disappointing performance of Dr. Dre’s “Kush” so far makes me wonder if the Doc isn’t gonna have second thoughts and go back to the studio for another 10 years to “perfect” his third solo album, “Detox”. Hopefully, this video improves the song’s fortunes a little bit. The clip is your typical high-tech/club scene/product placement type thing that’s been so popular recently, but I actually like the song more the more I listen. Snoop’s on point lyrically (which has been a rarity for the past ten years), and this is one instance of me actually being able to listen to Akon. Besides, the beat is bangin’. No two ways about that.

So enjoy the video and smoke some this Saturday!

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