When a band’s MySpace page lists their music as “country/disco house/indie”, you know you’re in for a fun time. Boston’s Halston (say that five times fast) combines synthy pop of the Eighties with the hooky goodness of…well, the Eighties, and then they put their own modern-day unique spin on it. The guys that comprise Halston-Carlos and Dando-have appeared on this site several times in the past, and I got them to agree not only to an interview, but to premiere their brand-spankin’ new track, “Hotels”.

Want to have a synth-happy good time? Want to see what one of the hottest bands in Boston thinks about Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” (they’re both major MJ fans…it’s part of the reason I loves ’em…)? Want to know what designer’s name they would take if the estate of Halston decided to sue? Read on, kids…

1.If the estate of Halston decided to sue and you had to give up your band name, which fashion designer would be your pick?

That would be ‘Dickies’.

2.You list your genre of music  (partially) as Country/Disco House/Indie. What’s your take on Dolly Parton’s “Baby I’m Burnin'”?

Jack White probably likes it. He has an old-person fetish.

3.Here’s a true MJ fan question- Side 1 of “Off the Wall” or Side 2 of “Thriller”?

Side 1 of ‘History Continues’ every time!

4.What’s so cool about Boca Raton?

Mouse Mouth!

5.My favorite synthesizer effect is…

Dando – One that I don’t have to fuck with too much.

Carlos – Dub horns

6.If my music was an ice cream flavor, it would be…

…made by Toscanini’s.

7.I love exclamation points, too. What are your feelings about parentheses?

“The Beats (of how you feel)” – out now!!!!!!!! (ed. note-of course, after answering this question, they had to go and switch up the current single on me, and now the answer makes no sense! This makes me sad.)

8.Who is your most unusual influence or inspiration?

Terry Schiavo, Benazir Bhutto, The children of Palestine, The Georgian conflict, and Blanket.

9.What TV or radio theme did the Popblerd! theme (which you recorded) replace as your favorite theme of all time?

Currently tied with our “Honcho and the Virg” theme — email us if you want a copy.

10.Guess what?

We see what you did there…That’s what!

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