I had to watch Rihanna’s new “Only Girl (in the World)” video before I finally got it.

She’s supposed to be the only girl in the world! It all makes sense now!!

I’m dumb sometimes.

Anyway, the song’s OK for mindless pop, although nowhere near as good as “S.O.S.” or “Umbrella”. The video is kinda…I dunno. Just a little too much red and pink going on for me. It hurts my eyes. And this new “happy” direction for Rihanna just seems kinda fake…like she exploited the whole battered-woman thing with the dark theme of the “Rated R” album and then decided to ditch it when it didn’t work out too well for her at the cash register, yanno? I also think she’s going a little too hard (pardon the pun) on the oversexualized thing, but that’s a common thread among just about all female artists these days, and at least she’s dressed (comparatively speaking) for most of the clip.

Check the video out and decide for yourself…

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